The Blogger Standout: Personality

Hopefully by now I have convinced you to blog.  Have I?  If not, go re-read this post on business blogs.  But let’s assume you’ve decided you’re going to blog since it’s a great way to build a client base, get your word out, and generally have a good time expressing yourself.  Now it’s time to give you a piece of advice on how to blog: Personality.

You may be used to writing in the business style.  It gets information across, doesn’t really let any personality though, and it’s a great way to keep from offending anyone, except those who find boring writing boring.  But it’s not the way to run a blog.

If you are a small business owner I’m assuming you are passionate about what you sell.  Bring that passion onto your website and blog.  Nobody wants to buy a service or product from somebody who doesn’t seem to really care.  Use your blog to convey your excitement over your product.

Let’s do a quick example.  I’m going to pretend I own a coffee shop.  I am wired beyond belief after drinking 6 iced lattes and a shot of espresso and thanks to that extreme caffeine high, I decided I’m going to write a blog post about the perfect bran muffin I just developed.  It is moist and flavorful and I just know I’m going to sell them in droves as long as I can get people to my store.  What’s my first step?

1.)   Tweet!  @bestbakeryever (made up name) Just perfected the most delicious and moist bran muffin ever!  Stop by the shop to sample next week


2.)   Post on your website: New product available next week: Bran muffin


3.)   Your blog: And this is where you tell the story and use your personality.  You start out, back when I was a kid my grandpa loved bran muffins but complained my grandma made them too dry and he had to drink a gallon of milk with them.  So I made it my life’s goal to make the perfect bran muffin and yesterday at approximately 3:04am I perfected them!  I know you’re going to love them as much as I do, and my grandpa would have.  Please stop by the store for a free sample.

So basically that is as bare bones as it gets when discussing personality as a way of creating business.  Questions?  Sound off below.  I answer every single comment so please leave one.

What do you think of letting your personality shine through?  Do you feel uncomfortable in a business setting or do you think it could actually help your company?


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