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How to Plan an Email and Blog Campaign

how-to-plan-an-email-and-blog-campaignDeciding to combine blog posts and an email campaign is a great idea. But most business think all they need to do is write a post and send an email. There is more that goes into a campaign than just those two steps. The most important component is having a plan and recognizing your goal.

Setting Your Goal

Understanding what you want to get out of a blog post/email campaign will help you achieve it. Do you want to sell a certain product? Get more Facebook fans? Get more readers to your blog post? Whatever it is, make sure you understand it and always have it in the back of your mind.

Create a Plan

Because you don’t want to inundate your readers’ email boxes daily or most likely even weekly, get out a calendar and pick a few days throughout the year that will have a blog post and a corresponding email campaign. You may want to choose holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day if it corresponds with your goal, or it may just be every 3rd Thursday. I usually suggest around 8-10 emails a year, plus a few other tricks to stay on the forefront of people’s minds.

Execute Your Plan

There are a few elements that you need to make sure to include in order to have the most effective campaign possible.

– Every blog post and email has to have an extremely strong headline

– Every blog post and email has to have a call to action

– Set up landing pages for those who click through to “land” on that makes it incredibly easy to achieve your goal.       For example, if your goal is to get more Facebook followers, your landing page will be a link directly to your Facebook fan page.

Pay Attention

Just because an email goes out doesn’t mean your work is done. Make sure you are monitoring your open rate, click rate, and purchases. If they seem weaker than you wanted, next time try tweaking the headline or having a super simple landing page.

Take the time to set up a blog and email campaign and you will see your sales and website numbers go way up.

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The Follow Up

the-follow-upThe reason so many of us blog and are on social media is to make contacts for our business. Yet so many of us have trouble following up after an initial contact. A colleague may tell us to connect with a person, and so we friend them or connect on LinkedIn, but then forget about the important part — following up with this person.

There are many reasons people don’t follow up:

Don’t have time

Don’t recognize the opportunity

Simply forgot

Don’t think it’s worth the time

Here are some ways follow-up can really help:

It keeps you in the forefront of your customer and potential customers’ minds. Anytime anyone shows any interest in your product or service, make a mental note. Then a real note, and finally, follow-up. Not just by connecting via social networking, but by sending an email or making a phone call.

Listen to your customers and follow-up with their words fresh in your mind. If someone mentioned they need a certain service, and you follow up informing them you can provide that service, not only have you proven you should do business together, but you’ve proven you’re a great listener.

Unfortunately, there’s a flip side. You also need to know when to let potential leads go. It won’t do any good to seem desperate or keep trying to fan a fire that is already dead.

My favorite form is follow-up is email. It’s easy to keep track of, and also, email allows you to use templates.

What are your follow-up rituals?

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