Aris Pierce

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Rebecca is a fabulous person to work with. She juggles her projects not only successfully, but also keeps great attention to detail. I’ve always felt extremely confident when working with Rebecca on projects because she’s not just someone who does what has to be done, she does everything in a smart and effective manner. And on top of it all, Rebecca is someone you like working with, worth ethic aside. She’s funny and very personable. Definitely a valuable person to work with or have working for you.

Todd Skertich

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Rebecca did an excellent job creating copy for two of our websites. She guided us through the process and kept us on track. Rebecca is a dedicated, up and coming marketing professional who delivers excellent results.

Terri Krauss

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I was referred to Rebecca last March and she is terrific. She is hard working, detailed oriented individual and has a very high level of integrity.

Her ideas are creative and she is an expert in her field. He attention to detail is one of the highest that I have experienced in the past
twenty years. Her patience and thoroughness is also one of her strongest attributes and whenever I ask her to research a topic, she always finds the answer.

I highly recommend Rebecca in any position that utilizes her expertise.

Kiesha Easley

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Rebecca is a talented and strong writer. Her writing is always clear and concise, yet engaging. She is very skilled at SEO. Every post she has written on my blog gets lots of views and search engine traffic. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca.