Why it’s Important to Keep Learning

why-its-important-to-keep-learningToday is a short post as I’m leaving for Breckenridge in a few hours for a family ski vacation.  I was thinking about what I was going to load onto my Kindle for the trip and at the same time trying to decide on my blog topic for the day.  They didn’t seem inter-related until I realized I was stocking my Kindle full of copywriting books.  Lame, right?  Not to me.  Here’s why:

I am an avid fiction reader.  I love reading a good novel and devote as much time as possible to finding books that will really knock my socks off.  I almost never read non-fiction, and when I do, it’s usually memoir form such as The Glass Castle or The Liars Club by Mary Karr (both very good books by the way).

However, now I devote at least 50% of my reading time to mastering my craft.  Just for reading a few books on how to be a better copywriter, I can feel my brain expanding with the knowledge I need to become more and more successful.

I suggest anyone who owns a small business do the same.  Take the time to research the books about your business that you can truly learn from.  Just because you’re not earning a college degree doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing all you can to learn about your craft.

Do you ever make the effort to learn more about your field and how to excel in it?


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