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Success Stories: Eight Questions With Mari Luangrath, Owner Of Foiled Cupcakes

In this installment of Success Stories, I interviewed Mari Luangrath, owner of Foiled Cupcakes, about her social media usage.  Foiled Cupcakes sells cupcakes exclusively through their website and delivers them all throughout the Chicago area.  Mari is a champion of Twitter and Facebook and estimates 90% of her business comes from social media.

1.)  How did you begin using social media?

I started using Facebook a few years ago, just for personal use. And I hopped onto Twitter totally by accident. Over dinner, a friend said, “Hey, Twitter might be really good for you to launch your new business. Have you heard of it?”…

Success Stories: Nine Questions With Michael Farah, Owner Of Berry Chill Yogurt

Berry-Chill-LogoWelcome to the first post of a new series: Success Stories. I am interviewing businesses that are using social media as all or part of their marketing plan.  My first interview is with Michael Farah, owner of Berry Chill, an all-natural yogurt store with several Chicago locations.  Berry Chill has a constant social media presence, and exclusively uses social media to market themselves.  Just how does Farah use social media for his business?  Read below to find out.

1.)  How did you begin using social media?

I started out in the social media world through personal use and decided to start using it for my business too. …

Top Ten Rules for Your Social Media Policy

Top Ten Social Media Policy Rules

Being in charge of a small business means your head is in about fifteen places at once.  Instead of thinking about Twitter, you’re thinking about payroll and inventory.  Using your employees to help keep up with social media is a great way to help manage the time that goes into staying current with technology.  So making sure your employees know how to use social media is imperative.  If you have taken the plunge into blogging, Twitter, and Facebook, you need to feel comfortable when your employees are using these tools, which means taking the time to teach them so they become social media masters.…

Birth Announcement

RebeccaOsberg.com is born

RebeccaOsberg.com Born on July 26, 2010

Weighing in at One Post and Thousands More To Come

Today RebeccaOsberg.com goes live.  I would love to ramble on and on about what I hope this small business can achieve, and believe me when I say I could wax poetic for hours, but then you’d be bored and my fingers would hurt.  So instead I am going to show you over the next days, weeks, months, and hopefully years exactly what your small business can accomplish by using Social Media.

With today’s birth, I have given myself a web-based home to impart Social Media marketing ideas. …