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Social Media Gurus, Cont’d

social-media-gurusSo it’s been awhile since I did my social media guru post. I’ve found a few other blogs that I really enjoy and thought you might want to know about them. Without further ado, here are my social media guru updates. I still love the first 12, but here are another 5:

Site Sketch 101: A site all about the interwebs from blogging to websites to Facebook. Great article topics that are well written and informative.

We Blog Better: And not just because I’m a regular guest blogger! But because they have smart articles that are helpful and well researched.…

How Do You Get Inspired?


The rest of this week I’m going to post a series on blogging.  But not just blogging as a general subject, but instead the guts of blogging – Content.  I hope to give you four posts that will help you when you are starting to write content, and will inspire you in moments of content desperation.  Because, here’s the truth of it: writing blog posts is hard.  And for me, writing five blog posts a week can sometimes feel like an impossible feat.  It takes a lot of brain juice to provide five interesting, well-written, and valuable blog posts a week.…