How to Write a Short Blog Post With a Big Impact

how-to-write-a-short-blog-post-with-a-big-impactThere are a million reasons to keep up a company blog. One of the main reasons is to position your company as an expert in your field. Sounds hard doesn’t it? It’s a daunting task, learning how to use a blog to make yourself an expert. There is a trick I am going to share that makes it quite easy. It’s not something that can be used with every blog post, but once every week or two it is worth putting out there.

Become A Source of Information

One way to position yourself as an expert is to be a go-to source of information for your field. Every week search out interesting articles, blog posts, and videos that are current and useful.

Take those articles and write extremely short blurbs giving an introduction to the article, and explaining why you, as an expert in your field, found it to be interesting and worth a read. Link to the article.

And that’s it. If potential clients know that instead of searching out their own information, they can come to your site, they are more likely to stop by. Plus, if you find truly great content to share, they will start to associate you with that greatness.

Find the Quality Content

The next question is obvious. Isn’t it hard to find great quality content? The answer is no. I’ll explain how.

Go to Put in what you think are a few keywords on your subject. If you’re a pet store and want to be known as an expert on how to keep pets healthy, some phrases to use may be: canine health, pet health, dog health, how to keep pets healthy, and so on.

Sign up to receive the alerts every day, and one day a week go through them, finding the best articles and writing up your blog post. Easy as pie.

You’ll still want to write posts on certain topics that you want to be an expert in. For example, today I’m writing a post on how to write blog posts, but perhaps next week my post will simple be a round-up of other posts on the same topic. It’s an easy way to get out quality content that paints you and your company as an expert.


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  1. This post is right up my alley, Rebecca!

    I write what I call “pigeonhole” posts — short and sharp — and my loyal readership has fallen in love with them. 🙂

    As a time-starved mompreneur, I like to keep things simple yet offer my readers value-packed information. I know many of them have stringent time constraints, as well.

    Love your tip!

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