Content Marketing Works – It Did For Me…

content_marketing_worksFolks, today was a weird day.  It was the first day in my life that I accidentally found myself on the Internet.  Let me tell you how it happened.

I was taking a break from work (I had just finished a case study and was starting in on a website – busy day), when I decided to check out one of my favorite blogs – Copyblogger.  Their post for the day was:  Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2010.

I am always looking for new blogs to read and learn from, so I clicked on the third one, Make a Living Writing.

I started reading the first post on the site, which was titled: Top 10 Articles for Writers – December 2010.
Guess whose article was number 2?  Mine!  I actually refreshed the page to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.  The cold Chicago air can do that to me.  But I wasn’t.  So I showed my husband, and he smiled, and then I wrote this post.

I just thought I’d share because it proves a few things:

1.) Content marketing works.  The more content you put on the web, the more QUALITY content you put out there, the better the chances of you being found by people who want to hear what you have to say.  I didn’t write that article as an advertisement, I wrote it because I thought it was useful.  And apparently others did too.  If I was able to find myself by accident, how many other people are coming across what I wrote as well?

2.) I’m excited!

3.) For my fellow bloggers, it just goes to show that guest posting really does work.  I doubt if I had put that same exact post on my website it would have been picked up.  Make connections with other bloggers and it will take you a long way.

So that’s my short post on how I accidentely found myself.  I wasn’t supposed to post this week, but I’ll wish you a very happy new year once again and see you in 2011.



  1. Hi Rebecca!

    Glad I could be part of that serendipitous experience. I mostly don’t get that anymore because I have a Google alert on my name and blog name, so I usually see where I’m popping up by design.

    My heart attack moment was after Write to Done announced the Top 10 blogs for writers, and I got over that crazy…and then the next week Copyblogger announced it over again!

    I didn’t know that was going to happen, and of course it was a day when I was on vacation, and I was like moderating my blog comments on an iphone in the Jo-Ann store while trying to buy skirt fabric with my daughter…

    It is always a delight to be recognize and mentioned, especially when you least expect it.

    I’m sure you’ll be finding yourself popping up again in 2011 around the Interwebs, because you’re putting up great stuff.

    1. Hi Carol!

      So funny, I just signed up for a Google alert on my name so I don’t need to search the entire interwebs looking for myself. Let’s hope your predictions come true. I have so enjoyed reading your blog, so thanks for posting me and introducing me to your blog as well!

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    You always write such awesome posts for WeBlogBetter, I always look forward to reading your posts. I’m so happy you’re part of the team and I’m even happier that you’re getting the exposure you deserve.
    That post created quite a spike in traffic, I hope you were able to benefit from that as well.
    Here’s to accidentally finding yourself as a super successful blogger in 2011! 😀

    1. Hi Kiesha,

      It was all because of your blog, so thank you! WIthout the exposure your guest posts bring, it never would have happened. Here’s to a great 2011!

  3. I love this, you are really inspiring. This is just so adorable, you accidentally found yourself on the web. Now how cool is that?!

    1. Hi Michele, Ha! Thanks! It was pretty cool. I have since put a google alert out on my name so I know these things without having to check every website in town. Thanks for the comment!

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