7 Writing Tips to Connect with Your Prospects

7-writing-tips-for-connecting-with-prospectsThis post was originally going to be titled: Writing From Your Reader’s Perspective. But I decided that just didn’t encompass all I was trying to say.

The point is you are writing for potential customers. Whether it’s through a newsletter, blog post, website, or brochure, you are sending your message because you want to connect with your current and potential customers.

That means you need to draw your prospects in, keep them wanting more, and forge a bond. Here are 7 writing tips on how to create connections:

1. Write compelling headlines. The five or so words in your headline are the most important text of your message. This applies to blog posts, newsletters, even your web site headline. It doesn’t matter how good your newsletter is if nobody reads it. Make it relevant. RebeccaOsberg.com June Newsletter — boring. RebeccaOsberg.com Writing Tips — a little better. Still too generic. 3 Signs Your Website Needs Updating — best. Because it provides value.

2. Keep it short and simple. Tell readers what they want to know and stop writing. Try to use short paragraphs, short sentences, and stay away from confusing industry jargon.

3. Make it personal. It’s not about you. It’s about your customer. Write with their goals in mind. How will you help them achieve their goals? Why are you better than the competition? Write down the answers to these two questions. Refer to them while writing any promotional material. It will keep you focused.

4. Be passionate. Nobody wants to read dull writing. Be conversational. Be friendly. Use humor. Formal writing doesn’t automatically equal effective writing. Be real and sincere and more readers will relate to you.

5. Organize efficiently. The rule of journalism is to put everything a reader needs to know in the opening paragraph. Try to follow that rule as much as possible. Important info first, and details further down.

6. Provide testimonials. Where and when it is appropriate. Throwing a quote at the bottom of a newsletter, or devoting an entire web page to testimonials gives prospects the confidence they need to take action and is appropriate. An entire e-mail blast on why your mom loves you is not.

7. Include easy to find contact info. Put your contact info at the top and bottom. Make sure your email address is prominent. Include a “call to action.” Let prospects know you will be there if they need you. It will encourage a next step instead of an automatic delete.

Creating a connection through the written word is easier said than done. But using these tips you will have a fighting chance.

How do you connect with your readers? Do you have any writing tips that work? Please share, I’d be eternally grateful.


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