Afternoon Delight: Write An About Page To Be Proud Of

Proud-of-my-bio-pageAs a bonus afternoon post, I thought we could discuss a topic that is very important but doesn’t often get a lot of recognition.  Your About page.

As I’ve mentioned before, personality is a big draw when using social media, and your About page is the perfect place to put as much personality into your website as possible.  You can write all about you in your voice and put your picture and make everyone who reads it love you.

But there’s more to the About/Bio page than personality.  This is also the page where you are going to advertise your skills and what makes you more qualified than your competitors.  This is where you’re going to sell your business.

Let’s just say you own a yoga studio.  It’s great, you have a nice groove going in your local community, sometimes on Sundays you offer a free class.  You do the baby yoga thing, you make sure the community knows about baby yoga through a blog and Twitter.  It’s on your Facebook page.

A lady has just had a baby boy.  We’ll call him Oscar.  Oscar is now six months old and this mom is ready to try some new things with Oscar.  She wants to meet other moms and also do some yoga.  She sees your baby yoga class on some various form of social media (because after all, you are a social media champion) and clicks on your website.  Where’s the first place she’s going on your website?  Maybe it’s classes and she reads the description of baby yoga.  It sounds great and it’s at the perfect time for her schedule.  And then she’s curious about the studio so she clicks on your About page.  Instead of finding a long list of qualifications and how much you love yoga, she finds a sentence or two proclaiming you’ve studied yoga for four years.  And that’s it.  Will it matter?

Sometimes she’ll go to the class anyway because man alive does she need to get out of the house.  Sometimes she’ll look at other yoga studio’s websites to see their baby yoga classes and read about their qualifications.  Will it always matter there isn’t a bio?  No.  Will it sometimes? Yes.  And it’s the entire point to get as many clients as possible?

I’ll tell you again and again, but you need to put in the work to make sure your bios are up to date and impressive.

So back to Oscar and his mommy.  This time when she clicks on your About page, there is an entertaining and comprehensive review of your yoga teaching history.  There’s a picture of you in an advanced yoga move, and a little blurb about how much you love yoga and how it has changed your life, and you truly hope it helps bring a little bit of joy to your client’s lives.  Probably there is now a better chance of a sale.  Yes?

Do you use your About page and bio to sell yourself and your brand?  I think I do.  Check it out.  Do you think it helps?  Or is everything I just told you poppycock?

Here are a few examples of some great About pages:

Green Heart Chicago

Doggy Style Pet Shop

Cattails Flower Shop


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