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6 Reasons Numbered Headlines Are Good/Bad

6-reasons-numbered-healinds-are-good/badI have two thoughts on numbered headlines.  I know they are all the rage in the blogging world,  so I thought I’d address both the good and bad in them.  One one hand, I think they are a great way to grab readers’ attention, but on the other hand, I think they often over promise and under deliver.  So without further ado, here is the good and bad of numbered …

Write Better Blog Content 101

Write-better-blog-content-101Welcome to the second post in this week’s series all about blogging.

If you want your blog to support your business and bring you revenue and customers, you need a blog that is reliable, interesting, and helpful.

Your blog is one of the best and more important business-generating tools in your stockpile. So understanding how to blog well can be a real asset to your marketing plans.

One of the …