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Don’t Bore your Blog Visitors – Give them What they’re looking for!

don't-bore-your-blog-readersToday I’m very excited to have my first guest post!  Kiesha from We Blog Better is here to tell us how, as blogger, we can stop boring our visitors.  I hope you enjoy, and without further ado….

Don’t Bore your Blog Visitors – Give them What they’re looking for!

Just because your blog supports your business doesn’t mean it has to be full of dry information, facts and product specs.

A lot of times business owners make the mistake of using their blog as an online advertising platform. After all, business owners want to reduce their ad expense account – why pay for what you can get for free?…

What You Can Learn From Starbuck’s Social Media Recipe For Success

This is a blog geared toward small businesses, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play with the big boys sometimes. I wanted to talk about one company that is doing a lot of things right: Starbucks

Starbucks is a pretty bad-ass player at Social Media. Sure they’re huge, but that doesn’t mean a small business like yourself can’t learn from them. Here are a couple lessons worth paying attention to:

Listen To Your Customers

Starbucks has an entire website dedicated to listening to their customers. It’s called My Starbucks Idea, and it’s a place for those to give suggestions on how to improve the “Starbucks experience”.…

Blogging for Business: Four Important Questions

four-thought-provoking-questionsIf you are considering starting a blog for your business, make sure to put in the thought it requires.  I don’t believe it should be a question of if you want to start a blog (I tell you why you should here), but what will the goals of the blog be?  In order to get the most from your blog, it is important to know what you are starting with and what you are working toward.  Below are four questions I think are important to ask yourself when launching your business blog.

1.) Do you want to make money through blogging?

Social Media Glossary


Social media terms are numerous and changing all the time.  There are probably thousands of words whose only purpose is to describe some aspect of social media.  Here are the ones I think will come in handy to know as a newcomer, although I may have gotten a little overzealous and included a few for the more advanced social media user.  Think of those as extra credit.

Bit.ly Bit.ly will shorten your URLs and also track stats on them.  This is used a lot on Twitter to help condense long URLs so as not to take up too many of your 140 characters.

10 Steps To Finding Your Blogging Voice

10-steps-to-finding-your-blogging-voiceI hear from many small business owners that they don’t have a blog because they aren’t good writers. Can I tell you a secret?  You don’t need to be an amazing writer to have a successful business blog.  You just need to find your voice.  Yesterday I let you in on the ways in which I write a blog post.  I didn’t touch on voice because I felt it deserved it’s own post; it’s own time to shine.  That time is here.

Here are ten steps to finding your writing voice:

1.)   Start reading as many blogs as you have time for.

Success Stories: Six Questions with Stephanie Sack, Owner of Vive La Femme

My second Success Stories interview is with Stephanie Sack, owner of Vive La Femme, a clothing store in Chicago which offers the latest looks and trends for Chicago’s stylish women of size.  Stephanie uses a blog and Facebook to promote her store.  Read below to find out how.

1.)  Why did you first start utilizing a blog for your business?  How did your store change from before the blog to after the blog started?

The blog was born after I pared down the entire marketing concept for the shop.  I used to have a very elaborate wesbite, really jazzy and snazzy, but it was a pain to keep up. …

Top Ten Social Media Myths

top-ten-social-media-mythsHere are the top ten myths I hear on a daily basis as to why businesses are not jumping on the social media bandwagon.  They’re mostly just excuses, and I’m here to dispel as many of them as I can.

1.)   Social media takes too much time

You control the amount of time you spend on social media.  You should be able to get away with spending 30 minutes to an hour a day and have an extremely effective campaign.  That said, some days you won’t have ten minutes and others you may spend a few hours.  But you’re in  control. …