How to Keep Eyes on your Site for Longer

how-to-keep-visitors-on-your-blog-for-longerWhen watching TV, are there certain commercials or scenes that make you click away? For me, it’s uncomfortable situations, such as ones you’d find in Curb Your Enthusiasm. The same scenario happens on blogs as well. There are certain factors that cause people to click away, increasing your bounce rate.

When people leave your site without clicking on another page or reading further, it means you lose the opportunity to win them over.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing blog posts in order to keep eyes for longer.

Tell a story

People really like reading information in entertaining forms. Cater to that need.

Use photographs and videos

Blocks of text makes most human’s eyes glaze over. Even if you have a long blog post, make sure to break it up with graphics, pictures, or videos. Additionally, put a line or two in between paragraphs, it will give the allusion of white space.

Be human

Nobody wants to read a blog that sounds like it’s been written by a robot. Make sure to put a warm and welcoming voice, humor, anecdotes, and anything else that sets you apart from the machines.

Provide a clear message

This goes back to 10th grade English class. You need to have a thesis and build the rest of your post off of it. People aren’t going to stick around if they don’t know what you’re saying.

Of course there are probably hundreds of more pieces of advice out there on how to keep eyes on a blog for longer, but I hope you enjoy these ones.

In honor of turkey and stuffing, I will not be blogging on Friday. But I’ll see you Monday with new content and probably an added 5lbs.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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