5 Ways Case Studies Can Make You Money

5-ways-case-studies-can-make-you-moneyCase studies are in high demand. With ROI being the important acronym on the market today, a case study is a sales tool that companies cannot be without.

Simply defined a case study is: “a detailed account of a company, industry, person, or project over a given amount of time. The content within a case study may include information about company objectives, strategies, challenges, results, recommendations, and more.”

Case Study Formats

I write case studies two different ways. The first is in as an article and follows this format:

1. A problem is identified. The customer looks for a solution.

2. The customer finds a new product that might help solve his problem that is offered by a company. The customer tries this product.

3. Wonderful news! The product worked and the customer is thrilled because his problem is solved. He tells everyone how wonderful this product is.

It’s a success story written in an article format, trying to pull out some of the human elements.  It’s a feel good story and is usually around a page or two in length and has a design to give it a corporate feel.

The second way to write case studies is in short form. Instead of writing a story, I identify three facts:

1. The problem

2. The solution

3. The results

These are usually only 200 words and are much more focused. They don’t go into a ton of detail, but instead work to really showcase the results.

How To Use A Case Study

If a business invests in having a case study written, there are several highly effective ways to put that case study to use to get more clients and make more money. I’m going to share a few with you below:

1. Feature the case study on your website

By having the case study on your website, any prospects who come across it will have instant proof that you have had success before and aren’t afraid to share the results. In fact, you want people to know how great your company is.

2. Provide to sales people

A case study can be used as a sales tool. Anyone going into a sales meeting armed with solid proof that the company they work for had such a happy customer, they were willing to be interviewed for a case study has a pot of gold with them. It adds credibility to the company and the meeting.

3. Turn the case study into a press release

Use the case study to generate publicity. Try getting your name in the media for your amazing results.

4. Mail it to prospects and customers

Not only is this a great way to keep in touch, but it gets you in front of potential customers again. Reminding people you exist is half the battle of gaining new clients.

5. Give it away for free

Use the case study as an added incentive. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll give you a case study that shows how our product truly helped another company and how we can help you do the same.

In the end, a case study is basically a giant testimonial from a really happy customer. Every company should be using these as a way to sell their services or products. It’s like the best Yelp review ever.

Do you have any questions about case studies? I’d be happy to answer them and show you how a case study could help make you money.


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