5-little-successes-that-lead-to-big-onesLife is built upon little successes. Every big milestone that we hit has been built on many mini steps first. Creating a social media presence is no different. It’s important to take the time to celebrate the little successes so that the journey to your ultimate goal doesn’t feel so far away.

Here are what I consider to be the first five steps that are worth taking a moment to celebrate:

1.) Your first 100 Twitter followers AND your first 100 Tweets

This is such a huge milestone because to get here, you really have to engage on Twitter and make yourself worth following. It will take some people just a couple weeks to get to 100 followers, and some a month or even two or three. But as long as you keep trucking along, you’ll get there eventually. I made the milestone your first 100 Tweets because nobody is going to follow you if you aren’t worth following. The way to prove yourself worthy is to tweet a lot, tweet useful information, share interesting links, and engage with other Twitter users.

2.) Your first 25 Facebook fans

At 25 Facebook fans you can officially make your vanity URL. For more about how to get your vanity URL, read this post on Facebook marketing. There’s more to 25 fans than just a vanity URL though. This also will take some persistence and dedication on your part.

3.) The first comment on your blog (from someone you have never heard of before)

This is so momentous because it will be the first proof you have that people other than your mom and cousin are reading what you write. Putting out a blog is such hard work, and so much thought and time goes into each blog post. Knowing someone is enjoying and finding value from your writings will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

4.) Your first guest post

In order to have the confidence to pitch a guest post, you need a really stellar idea, great execution, and a lot of faith in yourself. But if you pitch that post and get it, you will find increased traffic to your blog, and you’ll probably find the courage again and again to pitch more sites and gain an even bigger audience.

5.) The first sale you make because of social media

The reason you’re devoting all this time and effort is simple: to make more sales. So the first one you make because somebody saw you on Twitter, or found your blog, or responded to a sale you posted on Facebook makes it all worthwhile. And you know what they say: when it rains, it pours. Once you make your first sale, your second, third, fourth etc. can’t be far behind.

I think the reason these little successes are so important is because all of them involve other people investing in the hard work you are putting forth. It’s important to feel that the time and effort you are spending to growing your business via social media is validated. And with each little success hit, you will feel a push that will keep you from burning out, and will keep you going.

What do you think? Do you count and celebrate your little successes? Are they important to you? Did I miss any?

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